It is time again for the Stop & Shop A+ School Rewards Program!
Wow! What an amazing year it has been for the Garden City PTA. It has been an honor to have been President of such a remarkable organization.
It took less than a minute to send our message to Albany, Can you image what we could achieve if we spent an hour? Thank you!
Over the past year and a half the PTA has worked along with the administration to communicate the impact of the Regents Reform Agenda to our members. We have been there every step of the way. The PTA has held forums at PTA meetings for parents. The PTA has met with our local legislators. The PTA has attended public forums on this topic. The PTA has shared experiences with other like district parent organizations. The PTA has written letters and made “calls to action” to those responsible for education in Albany, particularly Commissioner King. And the PTA will continue to actively advocate for our children in the future...