Middle School Curriculum
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Middle School Curriculum Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2018 at 2pm

Dr. Osroff
Dr. Fasano
Ms. DiCillis (Social Studies)
Ms. Linardos (Spanish)

Christine Alkin
Frances Mingoia

1. Social/Emotional Component of school safety after Florida shooting.

On March 14th, students did not have the option to "walk out". Instead, the MS observed this event in a non political way. They had one minute of silence to reflect on the lives lost. The Home Base Advisory activity revolved around how to make change in the political environment in a peaceful way and having a voice in government. PPS staff, mental health staff and guidance were available during the school day to support any student who may have sought support.

With respect to Safety, Dr. Osfroff referred to the District Initiative and its progress. Recommendations regarding security will be forthcoming at the upcoming Board Meetings. Dr. Osroff emphasized that the students are being reminded to be "situationally aware".

2. Policy Changes to state assessments and opt out process.

Dr. Fasano reported that as of 3/15 only about 10 students per grade had opted out.

3. Student Growth

Inquiry based learning is expanding in all grades especially in Social Studies. More teachers are being trained. Children are looking at big questions and seeing different perspectives relating to one theme. This approach is working well with differentiation and in co-taught classrooms.

4. One Book/One School.

This initiative will be rolled out in October. Like the H.S. it will be voluntary. Students will select a book for every grade.

5. PTA curriculum grants.

Everyone in attendance agreed that a sound system and speakers in the MS auditorium would be welcome.

6. How SEPTA will be impacted at the MS level next year.

The MS is keeping all SEPTA supports in place next year. There will be no cuts in SEPTA at the MS.