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It’s hard to believe it but March is here. It’s been a great year so far at Locust School and we still have many fun events to come.

PARP Pick a Reading Partner will take place the first two weeks of March. Please follow the link for a schedule of events.

PTA Annual Dinner School Supplies Sale Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent Teacher Conferences are once again here. Here are some helpful tips to help your conference be a successful one.
  • Start with a positive attitude. Don’t waste valuable conference time by focusing on the negative. You and the teacher are a team. Positive comments such as “How can we solve this problem working together?” will be the first step in coming up with good solutions.
  • Let the teacher know if there is a particular topic you want to discuss. If you want to talk about your child’s progress in reading, let the teacher know.
  • Be specific. Bring with you any work that is of concern. Describe clearly any situations in the classroom that makes your child uneasy. Ask the teacher to describe your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Ask to see your child’s work.
  • Discuss the whole child. Your child’s social and emotional development is as important as academic success. Include questions about his/her interaction with other children and willingness to participate in class discussions.
  • Leave with a plan. The conference should end with a clear statement of what you will do and what the teacher will do.
Important Dates
  • March 1
    • PTA Sponsored First Grade Cultural Trip - "Earth's Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure" at the Tilles Center
  • March 4
    • School Supplies Sale Website Opens
  • March 5
    • Primary School Parent Teacher Conferences in the Evening
  • March 6
    • No School
    • Parent Teacher Conferences
    • Board of Education Budget / Work Session
  • March 12
    • Board of Education Budget / Regular Meeting
  • March 15
    • Primary & Elementary Report Cards go home
  • March 25
    • Spring Sportswear Sale begins
  • March 28
    • PTA Dinner