Locust School PTA Accomplishments

Locust School PTA Accomplishments

Your support of PTA through your annual membership and participation in our fundraising effort means so much to Locust School and all the schools in Garden City. 

Here is a list of just some of what we accomplished for the 2016-2017 school year:

  • Held five informational PTA meetings, educating our parents on a variety of topics.
  • Published monthly newsletters, keeping the parents and Locust community informed on the happenings at school.
  • Co-sponsored with our community partners, Parent University, an evening of parenting workshops.
  • Co-sponsored with SEPTA: Differentiated Learning evening presentation
  • Facilitated the National PTA Reflections, What’s Your Story? We were proud of all the children including our Locust School Winners.
  • Co-sponsored and planned PARP events during the month of March.
  • Sponsored the First Grade Cultural Trip to Kupferberg Center: Earthbeats.
  • Sponsored Little Lotus Yoga Program for all Locust students.
  • Sponsored and facilitated the painting of US Map on the blacktop for the children to play and see every day for years to come.
  • Sponsored through a PTA Grant the purchase books for the Locust School Library to help bring the current circulation up to date for our children.
  • Sponsored through a PTA Grant the purchase of materials to support STEAM initiatives with enrichment activities for their recess: one box of Keva Wood Planks and nine sets of Legos.
  • Sponsored through a PTA Grant the purchase materials to support the district's STEAM initiatives for classroom use; six Osmo units and seven iPad air units.
  • Organized and sponsored the printing of the First Grade Memory Books
  • Hosted, along with our Locust Families, a thank you staff appreciation luncheon on May 22nd.
  • Attended fire and safety drills, participating in district Health & Safety and Site-Based meetings.
  • Attended meetings of the PTA Curriculum Committee with district administration.

Helped all around Locust School

  • Helped teachers run back to school night activities and organize volunteers and donations for classroom activities.
  • Organized volunteers for: library and inclement weather programs, four Craft Days for the students to enrich students’ creative side and cultivate the Locust vegetable garden to inspire the love of gardening.
  • Helped with Locust’s first celebration of the 50th Day of School.

Thank you for your support of the Garden City Parent Teacher Association.
Together we can achieve great things!