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Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful February break. Homestead School is back in full swing, with a variety of exciting events coming up.

Upcoming Important Events
Parent Teacher Conferences PTC are scheduled for March 4th and 5th. These conferences are very important not only for us as parents, but for our children and teachers as well. These meetings allow for open communication between the parents and teachers. Below are some helpful tips to think about prior to going into your conference:

  • Begin and end the meeting on a positive note
  • Prepare questions in advance
  • Take notes
  • Be specific when referring to your child and their work
  • Leave with a clear statement of what you will work on, and what the teacher will do moving forward.
Below is a link with helpful information to help you better prepare for your conference: PTC Tips for Parents

PARP Pick a Reading Partner will take place the first two weeks of March. Please follow the link for a schedule of events and the student tracking sheet. The event launches with a Kick-Off Video on March 1st and a Dress Up Event (wear a shirt with words) on March 5th. This year’s theme is “Lights … Camera …. Read!” and the featured book is The Good Egg by Jory John. Please join us and participate in this interactive, educational, and fun series of events. Don’t forget the Selfie Challenge at the Public Library!.

PTA Annual Dinner School Supplies Sale Important Dates



March 1

PARP Kick Off Video

March 1

1st Grade Cultural Field Trip sponsored by the PTA.  “Earth’s Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure” at the Tilles Center

March 4

Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration

March 4

PTA School Supplies Website Opens

March 5

PARP Dress Up Event:  Wear a Shirt with Words

March 5

6:30-8:30 PM:  Parent Teacher Conferences (by appointment)

March 6


9 AM – Noon:  Parents Teacher Conferences (by appointment)

March 6

Board of Education Budget / Work Session

March 12

PARP Dress Up Event:  Wear a shirt with a favorite literary / movie character

March 12

Board of Education Budget / Regular Meeting

March 25

Spring Sportswear Sale Begins

March 28

PTA Annual Dinner:  “Heroes Around Us”

April 9th

9:30 AM – Joint Primary PTA Meeting at Homestead School