General Membership Vote
General Membership Vote Information
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General membership votes and meetings are held throughout the year, as needed, before school PTA meetings. Notice of such votes are provided per GC PTA Bylaws through PTA Communications Platforms: Website/Social Media/GC News and / or GCPS Calendar.

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Please make every effort to attend and vote, your opinion matters.

General Membership vote for the following will take place at Garden City High School during the HS & MS Joint PTA Meeting on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 7:15pm

District Flexible Seating Grant: To provide flexible seating furniture for K-12 classrooms. Flexible seating furniture accommodates a variety of learning styles, aids students with diverse physical needs, and provides students with safe, comfortable means of working creatively and cooperatively. , the grant will be used to enhance our existing inventory of flexible seating furniture in the classrooms, labs, and in new areas such as makerspaces. Funding will help bring flexible seating furniture to learning environments that have historically had only conventional furniture. Learning spaces will still have conventional furniture for students who prefer it.
Total Amount Requested: $39,929.29
List of Items for Seating Grant

Hemlock Blocks and Wheeled Totes: These durable blocks provide a different option to help students play cooperatively indoors and outdoors. In the event children do not want to play sports, this can facilitate social group play as they communicate and build structures together. Students who enjoy building and engineering related activities need an option to use their creative minds and hands to work collaboratively. When they feel confident in an activity, it helps build their social language and self-esteem. The blocks can be used with both grades, allowing all students to have an equal opportunity to engage in building structures. Four sets of 192 Kids Adventure Blocks and sixteen 48 Gallon Wheeled Totes.
Total Amount Requested: $1,435.80