Thank you to everyone that attended Hang Up and Drive on October 8th. With your support, through your membership and our other fundraising events, GC PTA is able to provide these great programs to our community.
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Please Join us December 1st, December 2nd and December 15th!
PTA/SEPTA Sportswear Pick-up Date is November 21st from 9:00 AM - 12 NOON at the GC High School. A few Cash and Carry items will be available - Wool Caps, Pompom Hats and a few Sweatshirt bags and blankets! Click here for more information
The 2015-2016 Membership Drive is underway. Click here for more information.
It is time again for the Stop & Shop A+ School Rewards Program!
Thank you to our members!

2014/2015 GC Pride Members

Beverly and Philip Acinapuro
Jennifer and JJ Ahearn
Jennifer and James Aiosa
Christine and Michael Alkin
Kerri Andersen
Carissa and Lance Arneson
Danielle and Dom Atteritano
Mary Jo and James Ball
Jeanette and Mark Bashford
Gunjan and Rajeev Batra
Laura and Stephen Baymack
Brianne and Thomas Bermel
Dianna and John Betit
Brenda and Jim Blum
Alistaire and James Bodovitz
Jeanine and Michael Borelli
Cristina and Kevin Brennan
Alison and Steven Brita
Sophia and Robert Brivio
Alena and John Bubniak
Angela and James Burke
Susan and Scott Busch
Karen and Oliver Butt
Jennifer and Charles Cacciabaudo
Lisa Caluori
Diana and Patrick Campbell
Grace Cannizzaro
Laura and Dan Carey
Vera Vitels and Adam Carroll
Aalia and Haroon Chohan
Crystal and Mike Cincotta
Roberta and Michael Clark
Heidi and Jonathan Cohen
Shawn and Ben Cohen
Kathleen and Steve Colavito
Kathryn and Scott Cole
Megan and Brian Conlon
Christine and William Considine
Diana and James Conway
Jean and Tom Conway
Giovanna Cook
Jacqueline and Jim Costello
Lisa Errico
Linda and Joseph Crapotta
Joellen Crowley
Corrin and James Culhane
Lorraine and William Daly
Ronda and John D'Antonio
Diana and Victor Danza
Jacqueline Goode and Brian Daughney
Jennifer and Edward Davis
Omotola and Olugbengna Dawodu
Christine and Sergio DeAlbuquerque
Kelly DeBusschere
Angela and Eric Degis
Tina and Tim Deignan
Kerry and Tom DeLuca
Catherine and Mike Dempsey
Kathleen and James Derkasch
Anne and John DeRosa
Anne Desousa
Nancy and John DiChiara
Cristina and Stephen Dickey
Michele DiNapoli and Jack Abbate
Annie and Frank DiStefano
Jennifer and David Ditillo
Nicole and Peter Dolan
Judith and Dan Dolan
Jean and Anthan Dorotheos
Jessica and Sean Duffy
Aimee Escher
Traci and John Fallon
Diane and Doug Fanning
Michelle and Joseph Farkas
Maria and Keith Fealey
Jennifer and Eric Feingold
Maria and Kevin Fortney
Eileen Flanagan and Paul Gately
Cynthia Frankel
Donna and Marc Frascogna
Melissa and John Gaffney
Catherine and Jorge Gardyn
Samantha Gargiulo
Danielle and Matt Genova
Cynthia and Ray George
Caroline and Kenneth Gerasimovich
Julie and George Germano
Theresa and Tom Gillan
Carolyn Gorelick
Carolyne and Kevin Greene
Karen and Brad Greenwood
Michelle and Michael Haskell
Dana and John Henson
Jacqueline Hessler
Liza and Alex Hesterberg
Kelley and Keith Hochheiser
Adrienne and Joseph Holtzman
Deborah and Conrad Hopkins
Gina and Peter Iovino
Krista and Peter Irwin
Feikje and Anthony Izzo
Michelle and Bruce Kaiserman
Eileen and Peter Kakoyiannis
Amy and Adam Karol
Tricia and Mark Karr
Jennifer and Jack Kavan
Courtney and Kevin Keenan
Judy and Ed Keenan
Deirdre and Mike Kenny
Nancy Kephart
Maria and Steve Kerimian
Alison and Kerim Kfuri
Cristina and Aaron Kilberg
Elizabeth Kohart
Rhonda Kraff
Donna and Andrew Kraus
Dominque and Nick LaBella
Cielo and Sean Lane
Susan and Raymond Larkin
Julie and Peter LaSalla
Pauline and Jay Lau
Alaine and Jeff Lawlor
Elena and Daniel Leiter
Fern LeLeonnec
Joseph and Samantha Lisanti
Michelle and John Lisica
Jane Ellen and Brian Logler
Diana and Joseph LoPiccolo
Suzanne and Alan Lotito
Kelly and Luke Lynch
Jolene Muscat and Ian Mack
Gail and Joseph Madigan
Christine and Robert Maichan
Vasiliki and Theodore Makrinos
Anne Marie and Ron Marciano
Alicia and Larry Marciano
Laura and Rich Marooney
Barbara Martens
Laura and John Martinkat
Rose and Edward McCoyd
Lori and John McDonald
Kerri and Patrick McElroy
Barbara McElroy
Catherine and Kevin McGarry
Sheila McGovern
Kathleen and Patrick McHugh
Denise and Jim McNally
Keri and Brian McNeill
Dorie and Scott Mehling
Mary Kim and Scott Mehlman
Rosemary and Juan Mejia
Jaime and Tom Melendez
Kerry and Andrew Menger
Elizabeth and Peter Menges
Denise and Dean Miller
Maryjeanne and Matthew Miller
Phyllis and Robert Mistretta
Anne and John Mitchell
Sheila and Peter Mohan
Natalie and Kenneth Molloy
Lauren and Jim Molloy
Morena Montanaro
Mariclaire and Timothy Moon
Dina and Vincent Muldoon
Lorraine and Ryan Mulroney
Susan Munn
Michelle Myers
Rebecca and Paul Neuhedel
Barbara and Brian Noll
Deanna and Gerard O'Connor
Jennifer O'Hanlon
Amanda Perez and William Olcott
Christa Geldert
Michael Olshefsky and Laura Schramm
Brian and Colleen O'Neill
Julie O'Neill
Colleen and Scott O'Sullivan
Barrie and John Overend
Tina and Scott Palmer
Denise and Bennett Palmeri
Suzanne and Stan Pappas
Maureen and Stephen Patrickakos
Michele and Mario Patrissi
Cristina and James Pelter
Michelle and Vake Persaud
Kiera Pfaff
Sophia and Stephen Pisano
Karen and Sam Pizzichillo
Karen and Paul Pogozelski
Erin and Brendan Power
Nancy and Tom Poz
Christina Prisco
Jeanne Profeta
Kimberly and Pat Pryor
Ethel Davis and Gil Puentes
Denise and Rob Quaco
Melanee and George Reis
Maura Coughlin-Roberti
Laverne and Louis Rosado
Birming Wong and Mitch Rose
Emily and Steve Ross
Laura and Steve Roukis
Christine and Tom Ryan
Hanah and Johnny Sanasie
Danielle and Americo Sanita
Kerry and Michael Santopietro
Elizabeth and Jason Santos
Deborah and Joseph Scattareggia
Virginia and Eric Schwenk
Kathleen and Brian Scollard
Carol and Jay Selke
Michelle and Steven Shorr
Patricia and Joseph Skahill
Maria and Matthew Smolanick
Beth Solferino
Elizabeth and Spiro Spirakis
Elizabeth and Peter Spinelli
Dail and Eric Stampfel
Susan and Tim Stapleford
Ann and Michael Stevenson
Allison and Roger Stone
Megan Sutcliffe
Teresa and Edward Takvor
Grace and Garvis Toler
Joann Eng and David Tavella
Lisa and Marc Tosi
Cheryl and Jerome Trimboli
Suzanne and Joseph Tromba
Joyce and Marc Turner
Paula and Roger Tusiani-Eng
Yvonne and Sal Varano
Zeynep and Francis Vitale
Cheryl Voelker
Barbara Vona
Valerie and Matthew Whalen
Jessica and Daniel Wilde
Sheri Wilgosz and Dennis Berkowsky
Colleen and Jared Wong
Catherine and Kevin Wood
Amanda and Christopher Wood
Kathryn and Christopher Wren
Sandra and James Wu
Sandra Zander
Mengzhou Ye and Yong Zhu
Maria and Nico Zografos
Jennifer and Andrew Zupicich