It took less than a minute to send our message to Albany, Can you image what we could achieve if we spent an hour? Thank you!
Over the past year and a half the PTA has worked along with the administration to communicate the impact of the Regents Reform Agenda to our members. We have been there every step of the way. The PTA has held forums at PTA meetings for parents. The PTA has met with our local legislators. The PTA has attended public forums on this topic. The PTA has shared experiences with other like district parent organizations. The PTA has written letters and made “calls to action” to those responsible for education in Albany, particularly Commissioner King. And the PTA will continue to actively advocate for our children in the future...
2014 PTA Dinner, "Believe, Dream, Inspire" will take place on Thursday, April 3, 2014 from 6:30pm to 10:30pm at the Chateau Briand in Carle Place. If you have a donation or would like to volunteer to help, please contact the PTA Dinner chairs.
His presentation, “Unguarded” is based on ESPN’s award winning documentary. From the cover of Sports Illustrated to drug addiction, homelessness and almost death, Herren has turned himself around and his mission is to make a difference in the lives of young people around the world....
Greetings Parents, Welcome to the 2013-14 school year! The GCPTA hopes you are settling in for a productive educational year. Our volunteers have been working diligently to be ready for a smooth transition to a new school year. The GCPTA works with our school district year round to contribute to the high quality education which our children receive. The names and faces change but the mission remains the same. The result is that the Garden City School District has consistently ranked among the top school districts in Long Island and the country....
It is time again for the Stop & Shop A+ School Rewards Program!
On Saturday, May 4, 2013 the Eighth Grade Band under the direction of Mrs. Boonshaft and Late Night Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Ms. Iovino, competed at the Music in the Parks festival held in Fleetwood, PA....
We have won several awards at the Nassau PTA level for membership. Great job Membership Committee!
Thank you to our members!

GC Pride Members

Christine Alkin
Mimi Aneser
Carissa Arneson
Danielle Atteritano
Gunjan Batra
Dianna Betit
Jacqueline Bingham
Brenda Blum
Kelly Boccafola
Sara Boccio
Alistaire Bodovitz
Denise Bonomi
Jeanine Borrelli
Nina Bransfield
Cristina Brennan
Sophia Brivio
Angela Burke
Susan Farella-Busch
Karen Butt
Cathryn Byrnes
Jennifer Cacciabaudo
Diana Campbell
Laura Carey
Aalia Chohan
Crystal Cincotta
Shawn Cohen
Kathryn Cole
Sheila Connolly
Kathleen Connolly
Jacqueline Costello
Nancy Crane
Linda Crapotta
Lee Crean
Stella Cristoforo
Belkis Crowe
Joellen Crowley
Corrin Culhane
Victoria Curtin
Ronda D'Antonio
Diana Danza
Jacqueline Goode
Jennifer Davis
Omotola Dawodu
Angela Degis
Katherine DeGruccio
Tina Deignan
Gina Della Penna
Liz Delligatti
Kerry DeLuca
Sandra DeMille
Anne DeRosa
Anne DeSousa
Nancy DiChiara
Elaine DiGiacomo
Jennifer Ditillo
Judith Dolan
Heidi Donner
Patricia Donovan
Suzanne Durand
Susan Emmert
Dawn Engoron
Aimee Escher
Maria Fealey
Mary Finneran
Cynthia Frankel
Donna Frascogna
Gina Gannon
Margaret Garte
Danielle Genova
Cynthia George
Julie Germano
Carolyn Gorelick
Tara Griffith
Kelly Haass
Virginia Haggerty
Michelle Haskell
Kristin Hayes
Jacqueline Hessler
Liza Hesterberg
Kelley Hochheiser
Cecilia Hohenberger
Deborah Hopkins
Gina Iovino
Krista Irwin
Melissa Jaeger
Cathy Jordan
Jennifer Kahn
Michelle Kaiserman
Rebecca Kammerer
Amy Karol
Tricia Karr
Judy Keenan
Courtney Keenan
Deirdre Kenny
Nancy Kephart
Maria Kerimian
Cristina Kilberg
Renee Klatt
Nancy Knowles
Liz Kohart
Donna Kraus
Emily Mundorff
Dominique LaBella
Robin Laisure
Kathleen Larsson
Alaine Lawlor
Vanessa Licari
Jane Ellen Logler
Zulema Lopez
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Kelly Lynch
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Ann Marie Marciano
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Christine Maresca
Laura Marooney
Barbara Martens
Suzanne Martin
Laura Martinkat
Marybeth McCarthy
Lori McDonald
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Madonna McMaster
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Dorie Mehling
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Denise Menelly
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Darlene Michon
Maryjeanne Miller
Christina Milone
Phyllis Mistretta
Diana Mitchell
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Sheila Mohan
Natalie Molloy
Morena Montanaro
Dina Muldoon
Yvonne Mundy
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