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Homestead School PTA Curriculum Committee News

 Homestead School Curriculum Reps are:


Kim Pupke

177 Kilburn Rd


Dana Salerno

8 Clinch Ave





Homestead Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: November 12, 2013

Attendants: Dr. Viscovich, Ms. Cardinale, Danielle Ardito, Kim Pupke and Dana Salerno

Follow Up from PTA Meeting/Parent Requests:
●  Chess Club:  One of the PTA committees is Chess Club, a program used at other Garden City primaries where students are taught the fundamentals of chess during Literacy at Lunch.  A number of parents have volunteered to assist with chess club and a committee leader is still being sought.  

● Some parents have asked for suggestions for non-fiction reading material due to the increased focus on non-fiction work in the common core.  Parents were provided with a list of reading level appropriate fiction and nonfiction books at the parent teacher conference.  A listing of book resources can also be found at and

 ●  Some parents have asked if homework assignments for the entire week could be distributed on Monday.  However, teachers may modify the homework assignments based on what the students learn in class that day. Homework will continue to be given on a daily basis.

●  Some parents have asked for suggestions on how to practice sight words at home.  Parents are urged to contact their child’s teacher.   Teachers have different tools they can provide or suggest, including bingo games, flash cards and computer apps.

Technology Update

  • Homestead’s website is updated throughout the year to include teacher information and photographs of school events.  Homestead currently has 10 ipads that are used during the learning centers to teach ELA and math.   Homestead’s classrooms are equipped with ENO boards and all are fully functioning.  

Differentiated Instruction

  •  How is differentiated instruction being implemented with the common core? If a child has complete understanding of a subject, how are they being challenged?
  1. A pamphlet explaining how Garden City teachers utilize differentiated instruction is provided at the beginning of the school year and is available on the school’s website.  Teachers are able to differentiate content, process and product to ensure that instruction is responsive to each child’s needs.  For example, during guided reading/center time, students are provided with different material based upon the student’s level and book baggies are provided to each student that are tailored to their reading level.

K-2 Testing  

There are no plans to implement statewide testing for students in grades K-2.  

Class size

Currently, Kindergarten classes average 18 students per class and 1st grade averages 23 students per class.

Homestead Curriculum Meeting Summary  


September 30, 2013 Meeting at Homestead 

In attendance:  Dr. Suzanne Viscovich, Principal; Mrs. Stephanie Cardinale & Mrs. Lori Palladino, Teacher Representatives;  Danielle Ardito, Homestead PTA Director;  Kim Pupke & Dana Salerno, PTA Curriculum Representatives



  1. Common Core Update:

    The teachers will continue to work with consultants in both ELA and Math.  These consultants are trained to assist teachers with the Common Core Curriculum.   As in previous years, the teachers will attend workshops throughout the year. The first workshop will take place in October.  

    Parents are still being encouraged to visit for more details on the Core Curriculum.  This website is a great resource for parents. 

  2. New Mathematics Textbooks

Go Math! textbooks are being used as part of the Math Curriculum.  The teachers will use these textbooks in conjunction with the Math Curriculum that was started last year to meet to ensure the students are meeting the goals of the Mathematics Core Curriculum.  Parents can expect to see both teacher created worksheets and Go Math! worksheets, as part of both classroom work and homework.  This allows for deepened understanding of the material and further ensures the success of all students. 

  1. Technology Updates

    Teachers continue to use eno/smart boards in the classrooms.  Students use iPads and/or iPods to reiterate lessons that have been taught in the classroom.  This allows for technology use while also developing a better understanding of the lesson.  Depending upon scheduling, this is done weekly. 

  2. Chess Committee

    Dr. Viscovich is happy to accommodate Chess Club activities; however, there currently is insufficient interest.  Any parent who is interested in the chess club is encouraged to contact the Homestead PTA representative. 

  3. Other Business  

Dr. Viscovich is serving on the Social Studies Committee.  This committee is district wide and will be working this year to further evaluate the Social Studies Curriculum. 

The Curriculum Committee has decided to redistribute the computer apps and websites list at the upcoming Homestead PTA Meeting.  This list was distributed last year, but will be a good resource for any new parents.  Also, a parents guide from will also be available at the PTA meeting.