The PTA is the largest grassroots association promoting the welfare of children and youth. Advocacy is an integral part of the PTA.  Advocacy comes in many forms and occurs in every action designed to improve the lives of children.

It is a PTA's responsibility to promote the educational needs and values of the school community and to address how decisions by school administrators, the Board of Education and elected officials, meet those needs. This Committee's activities are designed to inform members and the community of pending and enacted legislation and proposals made by the Garden City Board of Education, including the District’s proposed school budget. Communication should be designed to provide information on the impact any proposed changes may have on our public schools. The Committee provides the tools necessary to empower members to be active participants in the decision process and affect positive change, by communicating concerns to key decision makers both within our district and beyond.

Through our affiliation with NYS and National PTA, we work to “secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth” and to support a system of free public education.  The work of this Committee is nonpartisan and aligned with the National PTA and NYS PTA guidelines. The Legislation Committee works closely with District Administration, the Curriculum, and Health & Safety Committees other groups where appropriate to achieve PTA goals for children and youth. This Committee has a Committee Chairperson and School Building Representatives.

The work of this committee, as it relates to communicating the School Budget to our members, will be included on this page.  Our work with Legislation can be found under the PTA Advocacy Page on the drop-down menu.

Legislation Committee

Colleen Ciullo, Vice President Legislation


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