March 2019 - Technology Safety
Technology is a big part of our lives including our children’s lives from their education to social interactions to entertainment. As parents, we are continually trying to find a balance of allowing kids to stay socially connected and current with technology, while also making sure they are not engaging in risky behavior or overusing it.

To keep our children safe online, it is important to set rules and structure around the appropriate use of technology. Recently, the “Momo Challenge” whether it is real or a hoax, is an important reminder of how vulnerable our children can be when they are online. Most importantly, we need to know what technologies or social media tools our kids are using.

We encourage parents to initiate a dialogue with their children about safe online usage, including:
  • Be open and direct when discussing internet safety.
  • Create a media plan with your children. Set privacy systems on all devices.
  • Set time limits and hours of use guidelines with your children.
  • Remind children that they should not respond to or initiate contact with strangers online and immediately report any approaches or threatening behavior to an adult.
  • Explain that no one has the right to threaten or coerce them into responses or actions.
  • Explain the importance of not disclosing personal information, including photos or videos, of themselves, family members, friends, or anyone else, especially to strangers.
Here are a few more helpful links parents can access to guide them in discussing internet safety with their children: