Forgot their lunch? Didn't get out to the grocery store? You had a crazy morning and didn't have time to make lunch?...Don't go crazy dropping off lunch, just let your child buy lunch. 

What? They don't want to wait in the cafeteria line?...Pre-order a sandwich!

Deli Bar Pre-Order Form - Your student can pre-order a sandwich in the morning by handing in a completed "HS Sandwich Order" form to the deli worker in the morning, who is there from 7:25am to 1:30pm. It is quick and easy!  She prepares the sandwich for them right before their lunch period.  And to make your life even easier - sign up for the Pay For It lunch program.  (You can download the form to have handy at home or they can pick one up in the cafeteria.)

You can find information here -
HS Sandwich Order form
Pay For It by check - Add money to your child's account by check
Pay For It by credit card - Create an account to add money by credit card

Weekly Breakfast and Lunch Menu and Information
Breakfast is served! - The HS also offers breakfast each morning.
Lunch - Is your child interested in more than a sandwich? There are many options to choose from!