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January 14, 2019 Primary Schools Curriculum Meeting Notes

November 19, 2018 Primary Schools Curriculum Meeting Notes

Notes from November 2017 Joint Primary Curriculum Meeting:

Character Ed/Bullying
  • Principals are planning to do a presentation at the joint December primary PTA meeting with the two school psychologists and the social worker.
  • Committee requested schools to publish/share a list of recommended read aloud books that address character education/bullying.
  • Teachers shared some of the “language” and core components of character education used in school. Committee requested these be shared in more formal way so parents can carry over at home. Principals shared this would occur at the December presentation.
    • Big deal vs little deal
    • Emphasis on celebrating individuality - star of the week, etc.
    • Emphasis on empathy towards others - use role playing and read aloud
    • Phrase interactions in positive ways
    • “Bucket filler”
Reading levels
  • Committee shared parents had asked for more information on what determines a child's reading level and how parents can best support at home.
  • Principals shared teachers generally provide handouts at parent teacher conferences to address these concerns. Also, these topics have previously been covered in PTA presentations but recognize may be time to revisit for new parents. This was left a bit open-ended and we’ll follow up at next meeting.
Indoor Recess
  • Last year, the committee shared that parents wanted to explore how we could provide a more diverse menu of options for indoor recess. Some classrooms have a wide assortment while others seem to primarily have paper/crayons. At the time, principals showed interest and recommended we revisit this school year.
  • Upon discussing this again this year, principals were open to creating a Sign Up Genius where a teacher could request approximately 5 items and parents could send in if they choose. Principals gave the following examples: Uno, Jenga, mazes, coloring pages, play doh and tools, Lincoln logs, tinker toys, little hot wheel cars, etc.
  • Committee agreed to following next steps:
    • Speak with Gail to get executive committee feedback and approval
    • Speak with primary PTA directors to determine logistics of Sign up Genius (how to collect information for the items requested from each classroom teacher, how to distribute SUG, etc).
    • Communicate feedback from executive committee/ directors back to principals.
Data Sharing
  • Principals briefly summarized that data is reviewed both “vertically and horizontally” by the district.
  • Unlike elementary, primary has decided to stay with paper/pencil AIMS test instead of the NWEA.