AT&T/Siena College Upstander Program

AT&T, Siena College and Tyler Clementi Foundation
Bring an Upstander Program to
Garden City High School
September 2017

Link to: CBS NEWS Video Report

The Siena College Research Institute, AT&T and Tyler Clementi Foundation  partnered to develop a program to educate high school students on the growing issue of cyberbullying and provide tools and resources for students to help curb this dangerous behavior.  The AT&T/Siena Upstander Program is an expansion on the Upstate Cyberbullying Census conducted by these three partners in 2016 to gauge the prevalence of cyberbullying in regions across New York.  

The objective of the AT&T/Siena Upstander Program is to create an Upstander culture within the schools led by Siena students that are trained to be Upstander Ambassadors. Upstander is a popular term used in the anti-bullying space, encouraging students to change their behavior as a bystander to speak up, interrupt negative behavior and involve an adult. The program is facilitated by a select group of trained Siena College students who are closer in age to high school youth and who better understand today’s high school culture and experience, use of social media other digital communication tools used by teens and who have more recent knowledge and experience with cyberbullying.

On September 27th, 2017, Garden City High School 14 upperclassmen were trained as Upstander Ambassadors.  The program culminated in an event they hosted, in collaboration with the Siena College facilitators, in the form of an end of the day assembly for the student body.

In the general student assembly at 10-minute movie clip was shown and skits were performed by Upstander Ambassadors.  At the end of the assembly, students were encouraged to post positive message on social media.
Assemblyman Ra and Senator Hannon attend the event showing their support in this initiative.  CBS News were present and provided coverage of this event at the school.

Garden City High School was the first school in the state to institute this training program.  This was AT&T's “kick-off” event.