Calling All Parent Leaders
Calling All Parent Leaders

It is time to begin the process of filling open Chair positions on PTA Committees. Our Chairs are members of the Executive Board and as such are an integral part of our team.

Being a parent (grandparent, caregiver) leader is an excellent way to give back to your child, their school, and our community (also looks great on a resume). The knowledge and experience you will receive as a board member will be equally valuable to you.

Please contact, Jackie Costello if you are interested in learning more about an open position or know of someone who would be a wonderful fit for the job.

Arts in Education

Working closely with school administration, the Arts in Education Committee explores programs, across the broad spectrum of the arts, and makes recommendations for experiences that would enhance and enrich the cultural education of students.

Communication Team

•    Technology Coordinator

Maintains our database of district families and members, oversees the Google platform of products, forms builder, and other technology related tools.

•    Social Media Team Coordinator

Develop and manage content for our social media channels.

Health & Safety

Caregivers, our schools, and our community are responsible for caring for the health and welfare of our youth. The Health & Safety Committee addresses health and safety issues related to the students and families in our schools and our community. Members of this committee work closely with school administration, assistances in planning PTA health and safety special speaker events and PTA’s Don’t Text and Drive campaign, and more.


Membership is critical to our success. The more members we have, the more influence we will have when advocating for our children. The Membership Committee organizes our annual membership drive.

Pick A Reading Partner – PARP

PARP is a PTA-sponsored program designed to foster the love of reading through activities that encourage family members and others, who play an important role in a child’s life, to read with them for at least 15 minutes daily.  PARP initiatives help to reinforce what children have learned at school, instill strong reading habits, and create life-long readers.


Reflections are a National PTA cultural arts program, designed to encourage students to express their thoughts and feelings through creative arts. The Reflection Committee coordinates all aspects of our students’ participation in the Reflections program.  


Our Sportswear Committee keeps the community decked in maroon and gray. Garden City sportswear and related Garden City spirit items are offered primarily for sale to order. However, there is always a selection of cash and carry merchandise on hand at school events. If you just love spreading Garden City spirit and have a flare for fashion, then this is the committee for you!