Garden City Winners

2018 Garden City PTA
Reflection Winners

We are proud to announce the Garden City winners out of nearly 500 local entries to the National PTA Reflections “Within Reach” contest. Several student submissions advanced to the Nassau Region PTA and New York State PTA levels of this nationally acclaimed recognition program to encourage artistic creativity in the classroom and at home.

The following students and their families are invited to attend awards ceremonies held on the following dates:
  • Thursday, 3/21 - Elementary Awards at Stewart at 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday, 3/26 - Primary Awards at Homestead at 6:30 pm
  • Monday, 4/23 - Middle School & High School Awards at High School Library at 7:00 pm
Primary Winners:
Hemlock Students:
Hannah Cianciotto - Dance, 1st*
Anya Smith - Visual Arts, 1st
Lyla Cerrone - Visual Arts, 2nd
Olivia Mastaglio - Visual arts, 3rd
Grace Kelly - Visual Arts, HM
John Tsimi - Visual Arts, HM

Homestead Students:
Madison Lada - Dance, 1st*
Anjali Motwani - Dance, 2nd
Anjali Motwani - Literature, 1st
Aiden Schmidt - Photography, 1st* 
Anjali Motwani - Photography, 2nd
Matthew Kumpel - Photography, 3rd and HM
Bressana Botti - Visual Arts,1st*
Julia Thomas - Visual Arts, 2nd*
Evan Persaud - Visual Arts, 3rd

Locust Students:
Dennis Williams - Literature, 1st*
Braden Parker - Literature, 2nd*
George Michelakis - Music, 1st**
Caitlin O’Mullan - Photography,1st*
Lily Martin - Visual Arts, 1st
Leyla Vitale - Visual Arts, 2nd

Elementary Winners: 
Stewart Winners: 
Michael Tusiani-Eng - Film Production, 1st 
Leah DeRosa - Film production, 2nd 
Christopher Byrne - Film Production, 3rd 
Ava Lutz - Literature, 1st* 
Abigail Hogan - Literature, 2nd 
Eva Vitale - Literature, 3rd 
Kaitlyn McDonald - Literature, HM 
Alicia Zhang - Literature, HM 
Leila Massina - Music, 1st* 
Logan Parker - Photography/Special Artist, 1st**, 
Everett Lenhert - Photography, 1st 
Julia Wang - Photography, 2nd 
Thomas Hong - Photography, 3rd 
Eva Vitale - Visual Arts, 2nd* 
Kate Hillman - Visual Arts, 1st 
Ryan Jendras - Visual Arts,3rd 
Yu Yan Lin - Visual Arts, HM 

Stratford Winners: 
Elijah Scalere - Film, 1st* 
Riley McNaboe - ,Film, 2nd* 
Letao Tao - Film, HM** 
Genevieve Mohan - Literature, 1st* 
Riya Motwani - Literature, 2nd 
Weston Welsh - Literature, 3rd 
Riley McNaboe - Literature, HM 
Ava Chen - Photography, 1st* 
Grace Kumpel - Photography, 2nd* 
Abigail Jesberger - Photography,3rd 
Ryan Schmidt - Photography, HM* 
Hunter Burns - Photography, HM 
Sophie Lippens - Visual Arts, 1st 
Chiara Fascilla - Visual Arts, 2nd 
Madeline Mitchell - Visual Arts, 3rd 
William Bremer - Visual Arts, HM 
Fiona McCartney - Visual Arts, HM 
Delaney McNaboe - Visual Arts, HM* 

GCMS Winners:
Laila Smith - Film, 1st*
Isabel Byrnes - Literature, 1st**
Emily McHugh - Literature, 2nd*
Paige Sanacora - Literature, 3rd
Jack Lutz - Literature, HM
Nina Chen - Photography, 1st*
Hoi (Marie) Leung - Photography, 2nd*
Dian Ella Wakeham - Photography, 3rd
Isabella Scianablo - Photography, HM
Alexandra Burke - Visual Arts, 1st*

GCHS Winners:
Kalei Bremer - Dance,1st*
Kerin Debany - Dance,2nd**
Caroline Egan - Literature, 1st*
Alexandra Michael - Literature, 2nd**
Cassidy Lauren Go - Music, 1st*
Cathryn Tateosian - Photography, 1st*
Alexandra Hildreth - Photography, 2nd**
Robert Furman - Photography, 3rd
Ella Labate - Visual Arts, 1st*

HM-Honorable Mention
*Student submission advanced to the Nassau Region PTA level of the competition.
**Student submission advance advanced to the NYS PTA level of the competition.