Grants to Schools

Grants to Schools

Our grants have enhanced the educational experience for students in all seven schools. In just the past sixteen years, the Garden City PTA has granted more than $360,000 to Garden City Public School. 

$12,000 ($6,000 each for Stewart School and Stratford School) for technology-based courses administered by Game Builders Academy for the third and fourth-grade classes at Stewart and Stratford schools. The six-week courses will incorporate STEAM related activities and technical and artistic concepts.

Challenge Day, ­High School
Freshman and Senior Transition Day, High School
Auditorium Lighting and Curtain, High School (Sponsored in part with the Garden City Friends of Music)
SMART Board for Science Research, High School
Growing Tower, Middle School
Little Bits and Sphero Robots, Stewart School
Portable PA System, Stratford School
Wonder Workshop Starter Pack & Launchers, Homestead School
Non­fiction Books for Library, Locust School

Language Lab software upgrade, originally co-sponsored in 2011, High School  
Discovery Day at the Cradle of Aviation, Sixth Grade
Museum in a Box Series at the Cradle of Aviation, Second Grade
Wireless Microphone System to be used for multiple events held in the auditorium, Stewart School
Books to enhance classroom instruction, Primary Schools

Heart Rate Monitor System with 60 monitors for use in health and physical education programs, Middle School and High School
Two Power Sync Carts for iPads, Locust and Homestead Schools
Books to enhance students’ reading selections,  all schools
Press Box Sound System Upgrade, High School
Wireless Microphone System to be used for multiple events to be held in the auditorium, Stratford School