Grants to Schools

Grants to Garden City Public Schools

Our grants have enhanced the educational experience for students in all seven schools. In just the past seventeen years, the Garden City PTA has granted more than $397,000 to Garden City Public School and our community.


Jessica LaheyWe are so excited that Jessica Lahey, contributing writer for The Atlantic and the author of “The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed” will be coming to Garden City in the Fall of 2017. Ms. Lahey will give seven presentations, five to Middle School and High School students, one to faculty, and one to the community on the evening of October 24th.  Grant funds in an amount not to exceed $17,000 will be used for this guest speaker. This program will take place in the 2017-18 school year. 

Bee Bots and related STEAM accessories, Homestead School - Purchase of STEAM supplies for use in all classrooms. BeeBots are tiny robots designed for use by young children for teaching sequencing, estimation, and problem-solving. The accompanying mats on which they are coded integrate K-1 curriculum including letters, letter sounds, numbers, number sense, geometry, money. Lego Chain Reaction, Snap circuit, and Osmo Kits engage students in STEAM tasks through trial and error.   PTA Grant $1,526.00

Ballroom Dancing Program to support a ballroom dancing program for all 5th-grade students in both Stewart and Stratford Schools.  Professional ballroom instructors would incorporate the program into physical education classes and lead the classes. The program and its curriculum are intended to support inclusion.  This program will take place in the 2017-18 school year. Due to budgetary restrictions, this may only be a one-time request.  The Ballroom Dancing Program is a joint effort between GCPS, PTA, and SEPTA. PTA Grant $2,500.00

Mindfulness, Stratford School - To provide funding for staff development and training for the Joint Elementary Social Worker and teachers in Mindfulness. This training will then be used during staff development to bring awareness to the benefits of mindfulness daily practice in classrooms.  PTA Grant $900.00

Education Program 3rd Grade Field Trip, Stratford School - The purpose of this grant is to provide an opportunity for enrichment.  These programs, led by experienced naturalists, are aligned with Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and 21st Century Skills as appropriate, and ensure that our students will make connections to science education.  Total PTA Grant $3,555.

Osmo units and iPad Airs, Hemlock and Locust Schools - To support the district’s STEAM initiative two grants to purchase Osmo units (six per school) and an iPad Air (six per school).  Total PTA Grants $6,636.00

Two SmartBoard M680 with Projectors, Homestead and Hemlock Schools - To enhance the educational experience of math pull out lessons for general education and special education students through the purchase of two Smart Boards (one for each school). This acquisition is co-sponsored with GCPS. Total PTA Grants $4,000.00

Library books, Locust School - Purchase books for the Locust School library. Total PTA Grant $488.00

Paint and supplies to support US map stencil project on playground blacktop, Locust School. Total PTA Grant $461.00

Game Builders Academy for the third and fourth-grade classes at Stewart and Stratford schools. The six-week courses will incorporate STEAM related activities and technical and artistic concepts.This grant was approved by membership last year. The programs took place in the fall and spring of the 2017-18 school year. PTA Grant $12,000.00 ($6,000 each for Stewart School and Stratford School) 

Challenge Day, ­High School
Freshman and Senior Transition Day, High School
Auditorium Lighting and Curtain, High School (Sponsored in part by the Garden City Friends of Music)
SMART Board for Science Research, High School
Growing Tower, Middle School
Little Bits and Sphero Robots, Stewart School
Portable PA System, Stratford School
Wonder Workshop Starter Pack & Launchers, Homestead School
Non­fiction Books for Library, Locust School

Language Lab software upgrade, originally co-sponsored in 2011, High School  
Discovery Day at the Cradle of Aviation, Sixth Grade
Museum in a Box Series at the Cradle of Aviation, Second Grade
Wireless Microphone System to be used for multiple events held in the auditorium, Stewart School
Books to enhance classroom instruction, Primary Schools

Heart Rate Monitor System with 60 monitors for use in health and physical education programs, Middle School and High School
Two Power Sync Carts for iPads, Locust and Homestead Schools
Books to enhance students’ reading selections,  all schools
Press Box Sound System Upgrade, High School
Wireless Microphone System to be used for multiple events to be held in the auditorium, Stratford School