Monthly eNewsletter School Report


Spring is approaching quickly and so much is happening this month at Stratford School. I hope your children enjoy the March Madness that is PARP (Pick A Reading Partner). All month long we will be celebrating the joy of reading at school and home.

March PARP Happenings-The Reading Olympics
  • March 1-PARP kick off in the school, look in your child’s backpack for a flyer
  • March 2-USA pride-wear red, white and blue
  • March 5-Parent Book Tasting Event at the GC Public Library from 7-8pm
  • March 9-Wear Maroon and Grey
  • March 16-Wear a shirt with words
  • March 23-Wear favorite team's jersey or colors
  • Last week-book donation drive to benefit underprivileged children
  • March 28-The Brain Challenge Show
Save the Date
  • March 15-The annual PTA Dinner will be at the Garden City Hotel, we will be honoring Mr. Lucas with a Lifetime Membership Award. This is an event NOT to be missed.
  • March 21-Elementary Reflections Awards at Stewart School at 7pm.
  • March 27-Joint Elementary PTA Meeting at Stewart School 9:30 am.
  • April 9-Stratford/Stewart 5th Grade PTA Trip to the Metropolitan Opera House
  • April 13-Stratford School Family Fun Night
Food For Thought
        We are a family that loves the winter Olympic games, as we watched events together we answered many questions, such as “How long do you think they have been snowboarding (skiing, skating etc).” and “Would you let me try that? It seems dangerous!” (skeleton, big air competitions etc) and “Do you think I could be in the Olympics?” We talked a lot about perseverance, how none of the amazing athletes we saw were amazing when they started. Everyone starts out as a beginner, what we don’t see on the TV is the struggle to learn, the years of practice, the many setbacks and defeats that each and every one of those Olympic athletes had to endure. Also all the things they had to miss to focus on their passion. We talked about good sportsmanship, global citizens, perseverance, passion, determination...grit, and how those things are important not only for athletic pursuits but also school, hobbies and friendship.
       I am so looking forward to this month’s Reading Olympics, we are a family who loves books, words and new ideas. We are starting a new book series with our youngest child, and our oldest is so excited to help read it to him, as she explained the series she ended with “It’s like nothing you could ever imagine, and yet like something you think could maybe really happen. It’s magical and will change your life.” Books change our lives, and I can’t wait for the next adventure to begin.

Here are some opportunities for you to help at Stratford
  • Volunteer at the Chess Club, you don’t need to know how to play chess; most of the children are well into the game now.
  • Come by and help re-shelve books at the Stratford Library, this frees up Mrs. Donovan’s time so she can help the students to pick out engaging and appropropriate books.
  • Send in your Box Tops, the class who collects the most each month get a prize!
Kimberly Fellingham, Stratford PTA Director