Pick a Reading Partner - PARP

Prepare for PARP 2018!

Pick A Reading Partner - PARP is a PTA sponsored program designed to foster the love of reading through activities that encourage family members and others who play an important role in a child’s life to read with them daily, stressing the fact that reading can be fun as well as informative. PARP initiatives help to reinforce what children have learned at school, instill strong reading habits, and help to create life-long readers.

During the month of March, Stewart, Stratford, Hemlock, Homestead and Locust Schools will participate in exciting events with the goal of increasing our children’s love of reading by showing how much others (peers, teachers, parents, and partners) love to read!

More to follow on this exciting program!

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Exciting News - Our 2017 PARP Blast off to Reading program was selected as the Nassau Region PTA's top PARP Program! Congratulations to last year's committee for their hard work.