GCHS Site Based Committee

Site Based Committee Minutes 2018-2019

Site Based Committee Minutes for May 31, 2016

Committee reviewed and revised the proposed presentation for the June 14th meeting of the Board of Education.  Site Based Committee recommending that the issue of changing the start time of the high school be further studied.   
Site Based attended the June 14th meeting of the Board of Education at which Mrs. McLaughlin, our chairperson, and two students, presented our position.  The Board of Education agreed that the issue should be further studied.  The Board requested that the Superintendent come back to the Board with more details on how a further study would be done.  

Site Based Committee Minutes for February 23, 2016
The major discussion in Site Based this school year is the issue of whether the District can change the start time of the high school and if so, to what time. 

Research is very clear that the ideal start time is 8:30 or later, though very few schools achieve this.   So the question for Garden City becomes one of logistics, which is a huge issue mainly in terms of busing and sports schedules  (after school clubs and activities as well).   The logistics are being studied from every angle, but it does not look promising without, at a minimum, an addition of buses and drivers.  Then the focus turns to after school activities (largely sports) and the impact that a later ending to the school day would have on them.  

It is a difficult process, but the committee is tasked with continuing, and thus the research continues. The next meeting is on March 29th.

Site Based Committee Minutes for November 10, 2015

The start of the meeting focused on the subcommittees of the School Start Time Analysis.  The Logistics Committee has set a meeting time separate of the group.  The Survey Committee will work through a Google document sent from Mrs. McLaughlin to create questions for students, faculty and parents.  Committee members can add their questions and share.  Student performance and what other schools do are also being studied.  

New business topics reported were options for Transition Fair speakers.  This year's fair featured Randy Young and Cathy Pateloedes. The fair took place the day of the PSAT. 

Also reported, was the idea of having a Breathalyzer Policy similar to other high schools.  The schools which we discussed that already have this policy in force are Manhasset, Sayville, Smithtown and North Shore.

The high school staff has recognized a need for this policy and explained that a breathalyzer would eliminate a great amount of wasted time to take appropriate action in these situations.  

The regents grading policy and conversion charts were discussed. The issues reported are with the cc math exams: algebra, geometry, algebra 2 and possibly the English exam, all reported to have unfair conversion charts.  The chemistry conversion chart is recognized as fair. Regents currently count for 20% of a student's grade. 

The team's next meeting is scheduled for January 26, 2016. 

Site Based Committee Minutes for September 29, 2015 

The committee has been tasked with conducting a preliminary starting time study to determine whether our high school day should start later.   The committee was presented with some articles that discuss the effect of start times on teenagers, particularly in the high school age category.   Our first goal is to study the research and compile data about start times in other high schools.   A “Survey” subcommittee was formed to work on questions to be asked of the school community to garner their input.  A “Logistics” subcommittee was also formed and tasked with looking primarily at the issue of busing and afterschool activities timing issues (athletics and clubs, primarily).  A lengthy preliminary discussion ensued. 

On another front, it was reported that the credit for Honors classes has now been amended.  (This was a major item of work for the Site Based Committee last year.)   All students successfully completing an Honors course will now receive the weighted factor for the course.  In the past, it had been just those students who received at least an 80. 

It was also reported that prom discussions from last year’s Site Based Committee resulted in a change to the prom timing.   The pre-prom event was extended thereby pushing the prom itself back a bit.   It was reported that this change resulted in more students staying at the prom later into the night. 

The meeting ended at approximately 4:15 p.m.