NYS Tax Freeze Information

GCPS Budget FAQ’s:

Q: What is New York State’s Property Tax Freeze Credit?

A: Adding further public pressure, the state legislature recently passed the “New York State Property Tax Freeze Credit,” a two-year program which provides taxpayers with a rebate check in Year 1 (2014-2015) if the district stays within the “cap,” and a second rebate in Year 2 (2015-2016) if the district stays within the cap and achieves efficiencies totaling 1% of the current tax levy as approved by the state through consolidation of services. For Garden City Public Schools, this means demonstrating efficiencies totaling approximately $1,000,000. With such restrictions on resources—90%+ of Garden City’s budget relies on local school taxes— maintaining the district’s award-winning educational program has required difficult decisions.

NYS Property Tax Freeze Fact Sheet

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