Site-Based Description and PTA Selection Process

Site Based

In accordance with NYS Regulation 100.11 School-Based Planning/Shared Decision Making (approved by the NYS Board of Regents in 1992), every school district must have a Shared Decision Making (SDM) Plan.  The SDM Plan should be adopted by the Board of education, that involves parents, teachers and administrators in school- based planning (meaning at each school building in the district) and shared decision-making.  The Site Based Team is a District Facilitated Committee.

 The purpose of school-based planning and shared decision making shall be to improve the educational performance of all students in the school, regardless of such factors as socioeconomic status, race, gender, language, background, or disability.  Site Based representatives work with the school PTA Directors to address parents’ issues and concerns and report at the individual schools PTA meetings. It is the responsibility of the Site Based representatives to be accessible and accountable to its constituents (the parents).   Bringing input from and giving feedback to the constituents represented; therefore, between SBT meetings, each team member must communicate with persons whom they represent. Each site-based team will develop a plan for communicating the work of the team.  

Selection of Parent Team Members 

GCPTA and GC SEPTA are the groups responsible for facilitating the selection of parent representatives to the school-based planning teams as outlined in the SDM plan. 

Methods of Selection by GCPTA

    The PTA solicit  candidates through e-blasts to the school parent community, announcements at School PTA Meetings and in the local newspapers.

       Total number of PTA members by school building: 1 PTA Member for each primary school; 2 PTA Members for each Elementary school, MS and HS.

       Candidates complete an online application included on the PTA Website. Applications are sent to the Executive Vice President.

    At a meeting of the Executive Committee, candidate applications are reviewed (name of candidate will be omitted for purposes of discussion and voting) and all candidates are considered for vote.

       The candidate selected must have the majority votes of the members of the Executive Committee. 

       Site Based Members will serve two one-year terms.


Sight Based member's responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to:

§  Be willing to make the time commitment.

§  Be flexible and work well with people.

§  Become familiar with district plan for school-based planning and shared decision making.

§  Participate in team training on school policies, curriculum, educational issues, consensusbuilding, group dynamics, team building facilitator techniques, etc.

§  Bring issues and concerns of all parents to the team.

§  Communicate effectively.

§  Focus on making the best decisions for all children.

§  Be aware that sensitive issues must be handled appropriately.

§  Using the results of the assessment to determine the effectiveness and future direction of the plan.

§  Understand that SDM team meetings are subject to the New York State Open Meetings law and are therefore public meetings.

§  Attend PTA meetings to share information and gather input.

§  Update "Site Based" committee webpage(s). This shall include, but not be limited to, minutes or a summary of each meeting that will be posted on the school’s website.