GC PTA Organizational Chart

Our PTA is unique in its functioning from other PTAs in the state and nation; it operates on a district-wide basis rather than school-by-school.  This format allows the organization to focus its efforts on the entire educational spectrum.  Our programs, advocacy, and fund-raising efforts benefit all schools, and our members join only once, regardless of how many schools their children attend. 

Each school maintains its own PTA organization headed by a director who develops programs that meet the particular needs and interests of the individual school.  The organization at each school consists of a PTA board, teacher representative, grade representatives, and class parents.  Each school has regularly scheduled meetings to conduct PTA business, and discuss issues and concerns of the particular school.  These meetings often include presentations and guest speakers that highlight the needs of our children at every stage of development.  All school PTA meetings are open to all members of our school community.

The PTA Executive Committee members are nominated and elected by the membership. The Executive Committee meets regularly to oversee the individual school PTAs and coordinate the business and activities of the organization.  District chairs of PTA committees along with the members of the Executive Committee comprise the Executive Board.

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GC Executive Org Chart Oct 2018